Petroleum County Clerk and Recorder

Clerk and Recorder – Jess Hoge

Deputy Clerk and Recorder – Kris Rowton

Clerk and Recorder Office
302 East Main
Post Office Box 226
Winnett, MT 59087-0226
Phone (406) 429-5311
Fax (406) 429-6328

Recording Costs

  • Conforming documents are $8.00 per page
  • Non-conforming documents are  $8.00 per page , plus $16.00 for the first page
  • Birth Certificates are $8.00 per copy
  • See MCA 7-4-2636 for further details

Helpful Links

eRecording Information

The Petroleum County Records Department now offers eRecording services. eRecording enables customers to file and record documents with the Petroleum County Official Records Department via the internet. Customers no longer need to submit records by express mail, courier or in-person. With eRecording, customers simply scan the original document, convert to an electronic image, add indexing information and electronically submit it to the Clerk’s office within minutes.

Contact this eRecording partner vendor to get your office started.

800 North 300 West – Suite 202
Provo, Utah 84604 Phone – 800-460-5657, ext. 1048


CERTIFIED COPIES OF A BIRTH CERTIFICATE cost $8.00 for the each copy(non-refundable)

INFORMATIONAL COPIES OF A BIRTH CERTIFICATE, may be issued to anyone as long as the birth occurred 30 years prior to the date of application, is $.50. (non-refundable)

SEARCHES: $.50 for each year searched. (non-refundable)

Click here for Birth Certificate Application

CERTIFIED COPIES OFA DEATH CERTIFICATE cost $5.00 for each certified death certificate. (non-refundable)

Click here for Death Certificate Application